About Us

Welcome to Carlisle Residential Properties.

In 1984, under the leadership of Joe Brantley, our company was founded upon the principles of building lasting relationships and exceeding expectations for our residents, our investors, and our associates. Now, thirty-five years later, I am proud to say we are still focused on the same business principles and supporting corporate culture that continues to set us apart from the competition.


Carlisle is the right choice for multifamily investors and owners seeking a unique partnership experience through customization and flexibility in the management of their communities.


At Carlisle, we provide property management services which assures our residents, business partners, and other stakeholders that their property is being serviced at the highest level of quality, innovation, and professionalism. Like you, we are also owners. We appreciate the challenges and opportunities that this industry provides, and have strategies and recommendations to share with you, all based on our comprehensive experience as an owner. We provide a broad spectrum of expertise across many multifamily types, including: third-party management of both market rent and affordable properties; new construction lease-ups; renovations; and more. Furthermore, our deep roots and exclusive focus in the Southeast has provided us with decades of local market expertise and a trusted track-record.


I am proud of the company we have built and of the many associates who helped build it. I invite you to learn more about Carlisle Residential Properties, and am confident you will appreciate our past accomplishments, our current momentum, and our forward-looking vision.


So, no matter what your needs, we hope you’ll find Carlisle to be the right choice for the right reasons.


Matthew Rankin, President and CEO

Carlisle-The Right Choice for the Right Reasons.

At the center of our success are some of the industry’s most qualified associates. Whether it be at the local level or the corporate headquarters, Carlisle associates care for your property just as if it were their own. They are the “local experts” in their markets, and understand what’s best for your individual asset and residents. And with an impressive, industry-low turnover rate of just 45%, versus competitors’ average of over 60%, our associates have much longer tenure than the competition, with an average of nearly 10 years. This lower turnover and longer tenure equate to a team that delivers better results for your bottom line, higher customer service scores from your residents, and fewer headaches and concerns for yourself. Simply stated, we believe our leasing and maintenance associates are second-to-none. Whether your asset is Class A, B, or C; market rent or affordable; new or stabilized or needing renovations; the Carlisle team has the depth and breadth of experience to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.


Carlisle Core Values:

Integrity Both on the clock and off

Respect Abide by the Golden Rule

Teamwork Together we build community

Individual Growth Be a lifelong learner

Service Always looking outward, not inward

Transparency We have nothing to hide


At Carlisle, we believe our Core Values are critical to the success of our organization as a whole, to the success of our local on-site teams, and to the success of our associates individually. More than just some rhetorical slogan, our core values define and guide all of our actions. They are the characteristics that we hire against, and are the guideposts that unite our team members both on and off the clock. They are the same values we seek with our partners, our vendors, and our investors.


Due to our smaller, more agile size, Carlisle provides customized deliverables for our clients, giving us a distinct advantage over the larger apartment managers. As opposed to the standardized contracts, market reports, and marketing/operations strategies you get from the “big box” managers, Carlisle approaches every client as a unique partner. We believe the opportunity to build customized solutions, utilizing input from both you and our team, creates a longer and more successful partnership. Building upon a foundation of proven, yet flexible operational practices, we work with each partner to ensure our mutual goals are met.

Some examples of how we develop custom solutions include: monthly executive reports specific to your community and surrounding market; customized financial packages; Property Management Agreements (PMAs) that include input/edits from both parties; customized Property Management Software reports (accounting, procurement, marketing); and competitive market surveys.

To help us understand the unique aspects of your community, we look at both resident trends and feedback. We gather this through both quantitative (resident surveys, social media trends, etc.) and qualitative methods (focus groups). When residents feel like their opinions matter, they are more likely to renew their lease and become longer-term members of the community. Reduced resident turnover improves the community’s stability, both financially and from a resident point-of-view.

Every apartment community and geographic market has its unique challenges. But by being flexible and open to customized solutions, we create successful, long-lasting relationships with our third-party clients.

Every successful business relationship is built upon mutual trust, integrity, and results. At Carlisle, we believe successful business relationships also require transparent business practices. Unlike other companies, we have no hidden fees. Whether it’s our Property Management Agreement (PMA), our third-party vendor pass-through cost, or other financial points of the PMA, you won’t have any surprises after the fact. What you see is what you get. There should never be any confusion or contention when it comes to the execution of our mutual contract.

As fiduciary stewards of your asset, we are careful to deploy capital wisely, as if it were our own. We ensure transparency by providing extremely detailed financial reports, never combining or “rolling up” multiple line items into vague, lump sum entries.

As part of our partnership role, Carlisle negotiates aggressively on behalf of our clients with third-party vendors. By being a part of the Carlisle family, you will benefit from our economies of scale, garnering lower rates that you would not be able to negotiate on your own. And importantly, we do not charge you extra for this through a mark-up as other companies often do. Our rates are your rates. This also applies to other negotiated contracts, such as marketing/ advertising agencies, interior designers, procurement items (flooring, appliances, etc.) and property insurance. Again, our rate is your rate. You can’t get more transparent than that!

Prior to signing a property management agreement, we work with you to establish the scope of what you want Carlisle to deliver. We view the property management agreement as a term sheet that should be viewed as a mutually beneficial agreement. We do not believe that a “cookie-cutter” contract benefits either side. Reasonable edits to language and terms is expected and encouraged. If you need for us to work directly with your banks/lenders, we are flexible enough to do so.

And when it comes to how we manage your asset (Operations, Marketing, Financials), our flexibility means we are able focus on what’s important to you. When the need arises, our trained associates are able to take the lead, managing third-party vendors on specific initiatives such as marketing campaigns, signage, promotional materials, website designs, social media, public relations, interior upgrades and design, amenity enhancements, and more. Our ability to be flexible in how we respond to your needs allows us to develop action plans designed specifically for your asset.

Carlisle is “the” right-sized apartment management company. Unlike our big-box competition, our clients aren’t just another faceless line on a spreadsheet, lost in a sea of countless others. While we have the scale to provide our clients with the latest software platforms, extensive financial reporting, strategic marketing/advertising campaigns, and the most dedicated on-site associates in the industry, you are always more than just another client to us. At Carlisle, we don’t forget who helped us get where we are today, nor the fact that our success is contingent upon the success of our partners.

Like you, we are also owners. We think and act in your best interest because we understand your perspective, your challenges, and your expectations as an owner. Our size allows us to be nimble and flexible, responding quickly to changes in our markets and in the industry. By having fewer layers of bureaucracy, we are able to provide you direct access to all levels of our organization — from the on-site teams to the executive officers. That means faster recommendations/ approvals, expedited invoice processing, and immediate follow-up to your requests.

No matter what your property type may be, Carlisle is the right choice. Unlike many of our larger competitors, Carlisle has the experience and expertise to manage the broad spectrum of property types and stages; from high-rise to mid-rise to garden, from urban to suburban to rural, from development to lease-up, from stabilized to renovation. And we lead ALL of our competitors in successfully managing affordable housing. We have a deep knowledge in how to efficiently navigate through all of the government requirements, red tape, and intensive regulations.

Simply said, no matter what type of asset you have, where it is located, or what stage of development it is in, we are right-sized to manage it and to provide you with the value-added attention you need.

Carlisle is proud to call the Carolinas “home,” which allows us to be the “local experts” no matter where in the Southeast your asset may be located. Having our portfolio regionalized also provides the added benefit of the scale and concentration of our portfolio being such that it ensures our regional managers and corporate executives make frequent site visits and engage directly with the on-site teams. This hands-on approach is what differentiates us from the larger management companies.

Our Southeast experience encompasses a broad range of market types (urban, suburban, and rural), as well as a wide mix of architectural designs (Garden, Mid-Rise), and a range of all class types (A, B, C), as well as conventional and affordable communities. So, no matter what or where your asset may be, Carlisle has the experience and expertise to ensure it is managed the way you would want us to manage it —like we own it ourselves.

At Carlisle, creating and maintaining strong relationships is a cornerstone of our company. Strong relationships with our investors, third-party owners, associates, residents and vendors reflect our business values and fuel our corporate culture. Our “right-sized” philosophy informs our decisions on many levels, particularly as it relates to our growth. We recognize that we may not be the right fit for every third-party owner, either from their perspective or our own. Growth for growth’s sake is not our goal. We are eager to build partnerships with new owners, but not at the risk of damaging the relationships we already have, and not at the risk of taking our eye off the business results we currently deliver.

Our business partnerships are driven by the personal commitment and accessibility of our Senior Management Team. It’s not just how we like to work, it’s also how we achieve the best financial results for everyone involved. Direct access ensures that we have a clear understanding of the issues that arise, and is what enables us to provide the thoughtful and timely responses that our partners have come to expect.

Personal interaction, mutual respect, shared business goals, and appropriate financial results are the recipe we follow for building strong relationships with our business partners. If your goal is to find a team you can align with strategically and build a long-term partnership, not just manage your asset, then Carlisle may be just the company you are looking for. And importantly, you may be just the partner we are looking for, too.


What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Anthony

    Resident, The Hamptons

    I love being close to the park. The facilities (laundry room, fitness center, etc.) are all well-maintained.

  • Angela

    Resident, Reserve at Bradbury

    Great rental apartment and townhome company based in Greensboro with properties in North and South Carolina.

  • Brittany

    Resident, Huntington Park

    Office staff and service teams are always quick to respond, and eager to help. The amenities are kept clean and updated. I am thankful to share this community with some of my best friends.

  • Daria

    Resident, Cloverdale

    Maintenance service has been great and they always respond promptly. They always resolve the issues quickly, and are very friendly and cordial.

  • Emily

    Resident, Reserve at Asheville

    We love living at The Reserve! Our friends who visit all comment on how they wish they didn’t have to deal with home maintenance at their apartments. They were very impressed that things such as light bulb replacement and air filters, all handled by our maintenance. We feel very safe here and enjoy walking our dog on the many grassy areas and trails.

  • Jeff

    Resident, Westchester Key

    I have lived here for 7 years. It is extremely safe, friendly neighbors. I never hear sounds or noise from neighbors. Maintenance is prompt and efficient. Very rarely have problems. When I do they are fixed quickly. Everybody is friendly.

  • Jim

    Resident, Encore North

    Excellent community living with the attention to detail that welcomes you home every time you return!

  • Owner of Greenway apartments

    Greensboro, NC

    It has been eye opening to experience the advantages a professional, full service property management company (Carlisle) has brought to our communities… your team’s depth of experience with class A communities is a huge plus for us. In addition, your smaller size lends a better understanding of our “boutique” approach.

Our Management Team

  • Joseph M. Brantley III
  • Matthew M. Rankin
    President & CEO
  • Eileen F. Soles, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer